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What you need to know about selecting a criminal defense attorney in Fort Myers

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Facing the criminal justice system in Florida can be an intimidating experience for individuals of all ages and professions. Choosing the right criminal defense attorney for your situation can often have a dramatic impact on the course of your case. Selecting the right defense lawyer requires critical thinking and smart decision-making.

Here are four traits to look for when selecting a criminal defense attorney in Fort Myers:

  • Experience defending similar cases: While every firm must start somewhere, it is wise to select a criminal defense attorney who has experience with cases like yours. Understanding how a case will likely proceed and knowing what consequences you face are important facts that help your attorney build a strong, effective case in your favor.
  • Exceptional communication skills: A successful case is often reliant upon the back-and-forth communication between the lawyer and client. This communication must be open and honest while remaining privileged and confidential.
  • Ability to negotiate: There is much to be said for an attorney who is a strong defender and vehemently protects the client. Over the course of the case, however, the ability to negotiate with the other side becomes a critical factor in the success of the case.
  • Thorough preparation: Unfortunately, a well-designed case can quickly fall to pieces due to a lack of thorough preparation. Missed deadlines, for example, or overlooked evidence can often mean the difference between a successful outcome and one with devastating consequences.

What might at first seem like a minor offense can often carry dramatic, unintended consequences. Individuals could face penalties such as jail time, fines, community service and reimbursement. Additionally, the court could instruct individuals to attend counseling programs or educational seminars. It is crucial that you have a skilled criminal defense attorney by your side from start to finish to shield you from the full force of these consequences. Choosing the right criminal defense attorney is a critical element in the direction of your case.