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Don’t Face Your Criminal Charges Alone – Help Is Available

Getting arrested and charged with a crime is stressful and scary. Your instinct may be to try and reason with the police or explain yourself in hopes that it is all one big misunderstanding.

Taking this approach almost never works. It usually only serves to give law enforcement more evidence to use against you. You have the constitutional right to remain silent, which means you have no obligation to talk to law enforcement or prosecutors. You should exercise that right to protect yourself.

Here For You When The Stakes Are High

In addition to the right to remain silent, you also have the constitutional right to a lawyer. This is a tremendous and powerful right that can make all the difference in your case.

Instead of trying to negotiate your freedom on your own, consider seeking the help of Cantor & Cantor in Fort Myers, Florida. Attorney Zachary Cantor brings more than 15 years of criminal law experience to each case. He has helped countless clients just like you.

A Fort Myers Attorney With Diverse Criminal Defense Experience

Our experienced criminal defense attorney is ready to defend you against a variety of serious criminal charges in the Fort Myers area, including those related to:

He understands how to formulate the best strategy to prevent a criminal conviction, negotiate a better plea deal and avoid or mitigate the consequences.

The Potential Consequences Of A Criminal Conviction

Whether you’re facing a felony or misdemeanor charge, the consequences of a conviction can be severe. For one thing, your criminal record may be forever tarnished, and the conviction will show up on background checks for jobs, housing and educational opportunities. You could also face jail time and probation. On top of that, the fines and court fees can be significant.

Given all of these potentially harsh consequences, it’s important to take criminal charges seriously.

Why Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer Is Your Best Bet For Beating The Charges

No matter what criminal offense you’ve been charged with, it is critical to seek the help of a good attorney right away. Police and prosecutors are not on your side. They care about finding ways to secure a conviction.

A defense attorney is the only legal professional whose job is to protect your rights and your freedom. Therefore, it is a good idea to respectfully refuse to answer any questions until you have an attorney present.

Speak To A Lawyer About Your Charges For Free

Cantor & Cantor is a trusted and proven criminal defense firm in the Fort Myers area. We serve clients throughout Southwest Florida. To take advantage of a free initial consultation and learn how we can help you fight the charges, call us at 239-494-3164 or send us an email.