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What other criminal defense lawyers in Florida don’t want you to know

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Facing criminal charges can be confusing and overwhelming. While you may understand the charges against you, the criminal procedure can seem overly complex.

You may know you need to talk to an attorney about your criminal charges. Still, it can be difficult to select one with the skills and experience you need.

Here’s what many Florida attorneys do not want you to know when it is time to choose a lawyer for your case.

No special privileges

Attorneys do not have special privileges with the prosecutor. While some lawyers may have a more extensive network in the criminal court system, they do not receive special favors for themselves or their clients.

A free consultation will not come with legal advice

Free consultations are an opportunity to meet with an attorney and for them to let you know more about their services. While this is an excellent opportunity for you to decide if they are the right person to help you, the consultation will not come with legal advice that you can use on your own.

When you plan to meet a lawyer for a consultation, you should learn about their experience with situations that are similar to yours and what options may be available for your case. The attorney should come to the meeting prepared and ready to answer your questions.

The consultation should be an interview that goes both directions, so do not be afraid to ask questions.

They may not be the lawyer on your case

Often, large firms have so many clients that the person whose name is on the door cannot cover all cases. Although they may have several competent attorneys in the firm, it can be uncomfortable when the person who shows up to court is not the person you expected.

During your consultation, you should ask who will be working on your case. It is not necessarily a red flag if they have several lawyers on staff, but they should be open about whom you will see during the phases of your case.

Criminal charges can have serious consequences. You should talk to an experienced professional about how to handle your charges.