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Consequences for violating probation in Florida

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Probation is a form of punishment for someone charged with a crime and is an alternative to jail time. However, the person who is on probation is still under the supervision of a corrections officer, and violating the terms of probation comes with severe ramifications. Some terms of probation might include keeping a job, avoiding drug or alcohol use, or refraining from having contact with other people involved in crime. Most offenders also have to check in with their probation officer regularly.

Terms and conditions of probation will vary depending on the severity of the crime for which the person is guilty. Here are some of the consequences of violating probation in Florida.

A violation of probation charge

If a probation officer finds that an offender failed to meet one or more terms of their probation, they may arrest them for being in violation of probation. If a judge finds the person guilty, they could go to jail not only for the probation infraction but for the original charge that landed them on probation in the first place.

A mark on their record

Once a violation of probation is on somebody’s permanent record, they may be less likely to get probation instead of a jail sentence should they be guilty of another crime in the future.

By being aware of the specific terms of their probation, offenders can ensure that they do not accidentally violate those terms. Being found in violation of probation can have severe consequences that affect lives for many years.