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How can a DUI in Fort Myers, Florida affect your life?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2022 | DUI/DWI Defense

Because of the potential consequences of driving under the influence, the court in Fort Myers, Florida takes the offense very seriously.

Even those offenders with a clean criminal record can find themselves suffering significant repercussions from a DUI charge.

Short-term consequences of a DUI in Fort Myers

Some immediate consequences of a DUI charge are obvious for first-time and repeat offenders. You face arrest, temporary loss of your driver’s license, possible jail time and fines. If you need to drive to work, the court may require you to pay for the installation of an interlock device on your vehicle to test for alcohol when you get behind the wheel.

Long-term consequences of a DUI in Fort Myers

The long-term consequences of a DUI can significantly impact your life. For example, many employers require a background check during the onboarding process. Even a misdemeanor DUI conviction can show up and hinder your job opportunities. The same is true for those applying to colleges. You could even risk losing your current job, especially if driving is a component of your position. When you can drive again, you will also see a significant increase in auto insurance premiums.

Not all DUI repercussions are financial. It can have an impact on your professional and personal relationships. Even an arrest without conviction can get back to your employer and co-workers, causing a strain your on work relationships. You can also feel embarrassed or shamed in front of your friends and family.

Even though a DUI arrest is not a conviction, it is important to remember the repercussions to stop you from making a choice you may regret.