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3 ways a lawyer can help with your guilty plea

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Facing a criminal charge is a uniquely stressful experience that could threaten your career, your reputation, and your credibility. Even if you did not commit a crime, there are many reasons you might decide to plead guilty and avoid a trial.

Pleading guilty might seem like the quickest way to handle the situation and move on with your life while avoiding the expense of a criminal trial. Regardless of your reason for wanting to plead guilty, having an experienced lawyer can contribute to your case in several ways.

1. Understand your plea

Pleading guilty and accepting a conviction has significant implications that might not be immediately clear. A professional familiar with criminal cases can explain the consequences of a guilty plea, search for flaws in the case against you, and help you consider all available options.

2. Negotiate better terms

Even without going to trial, a lawyer can attempt to negotiate a plea deal on your behalf. Their legal experience helps them understand which arguments might be successful during negotiations. Depending on your case, a skilled negotiator could help you argue for a better plea, a lesser charge, or a reduced sentence.

3. Manage expectations

A lawyer can also provide realistic expectations. As someone who possesses a firm understanding of the courts and criminal cases, they can offer valuable insight into what outcomes you might expect based on the particular details of your case.

If you want to plead guilty to a criminal charge against you, it is worth speaking to a defense lawyer to fully understand your options and minimize the impact it can have on your life.