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Why having an attorney who focuses on criminal defense is important if charged with crime in Fort Myers

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Criminal defense lawyers are just like anyone else – they come from all walks of life, have varying levels of experience and have different priorities in their careers. Some attorneys will specialize in a specific area of the law while others choose to work in multiple legal practice areas.

If you find yourself facing a criminal charge, though, you cannot afford the risk of hiring a general practice lawyer when your freedom is on the line. By understanding the difference it can make to have an attorney who focuses on criminal defense, you can make the best decision regarding your legal advocacy.

Dedicated criminal defense attorneys know changes in the law

Lawyers who spread themselves thin across multiple practice areas might not necessarily stay apprised of recent legal changes in each facet of their practice. This might be only a minor setback in some practice areas, but criminal defense is a fast-paced environment. You need an attorney who can hold their ground against the prosecution by staying up-to-date with relevant laws.

Dedicated criminal defense attorneys have courtroom experience

General practice lawyers might be more inclined to reach a settlement, but many attorneys who specialize in criminal defense have experience with courtroom litigation. While settling is often preferable, especially if the terms heavily favor you as the defendant, there are times when going to court is the only way to receive true justice.

Receiving a criminal charge is a very serious matter, so it stands to reason that you should be equally serious about your defense. Your dedicated Fort Myers criminal defense attorney can provide a service unlike what you might see from a lawyer who covers many different practice areas.