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I’ve been charged with a DUI/DWI in Fort Myers, Florida, now what?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2023 | DUI/DWI Defense

Receiving a DUI charge can be nerve-racking. The offense typically affects a person’s driving record and could alter employment prospects.

A person’s actions after a DUI arrest can affect the case’s outcome. The following points are things to keep in mind and what to expect.

Staying cooperative but not saying too much

When an officer pulls a person over, the wise decision is to cooperate with requests when possible. Police may obtain a suspect’s name, driver’s license and registration. Other than fulfilling basic requests, a person has the constitutional right to remain silent. Drivers should remember that officers could even use light conversation as evidence later.

The police can arrest anyone for a DUI with probable cause, whether or not the person submits to a field sobriety test. Police take suspects to the station and may call a towing service to collect the vehicle. A DUI brings a license suspension, so an arrested individual must arrange for a ride from the station and retrieval of the car upon release.

Limiting negative evidence

Social media posts, photos and text messages could become evidence. Police have ways to obtain data a defendant deletes, but a person can avoid adding negative information by setting public accounts to private. From that point, the defendant can limit posting about the case or any mentions of alcohol.

Starting a case folder

A defendant can start collecting documents for the arraignment to help the case proceed smoothly. Receipts, photos and direct messages may have supportive details. A person can also begin to document the events of the evening and contact witnesses who might provide helpful testimony.

A DUI case is stressful and can have enduring consequences. A person may be able to minimize the damage by taking well-reasoned actions.