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Top reasons why DUI arrests are more common in the summer

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Drinking and driving is a serious problem that affects the roads of Charlotte County, Florida, and endangers innocent drivers at all times of the year. DUI offenses, unfortunately, become more common in the summer, though, with some sources even referring to the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day as the “100 deadliest days of summer.”

Research from MoneyGeek validates this moniker, showing that the summer season accounts for an estimated 28% of all drunk driving accidents. Understanding why exactly DUI arrests are more common in the summertime can help motorists better understand their options when potentially facing criminal charges.

Summer road trips are popular activities

Summer is an ideal season for working adults to take time off work and hit the road with longtime friends. Even the prospect of taking a seemingly harmless drive after a few drinks may be appealing to individuals who are overly relaxed with the idea of impaired driving.

Recreational drinking is common in the summer

Cold drinks are practically synonymous with the idea of beach days and other outdoor summertime activities. While many motorists understand the gravity of drinking and driving, others might not think twice about getting behind the wheel after a day of fun and imbibement.

Summer vacation leads to teen DUIs

Summer vacation for teenagers means several weeks of free time that some may utilize for illegal activities. Perhaps the most dangerous among these are joy rides coupled with underage drinking, often resulting in catastrophic accidents.

Considering some of the recreational activities that adults and teenagers tend to enjoy in the summer, it is no wonder that DUI arrests spike between June and August. If you face DUI charges during a season when drunk driving arrests are more commonplace, though, it is important to exercise your right to a strong legal defense.