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Common mistakes that may violate your probation

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2024 | Criminal Defense

If you are on probation, you need to understand and follow all the rules and conditions set by the court. Even minor violations can land you back in jail or prison.

There are a few common mistakes that can lead to probation violations.

Missing meetings with your probation officer

One of the most common violations is missing scheduled meetings with your probation officer. These meetings are mandatory and skipping them is a direct violation of your probation terms. Your probation officer needs to monitor your progress and ensure you are complying with all conditions. Missing a meeting shows you are not taking probation seriously. Always attend your meetings or reschedule only if it is absolutely necessary.

Failed drug test

Many probationers have to take regular drug tests. Failing a drug test indicates drug use and is a violation of probation terms. This includes testing positive for illegal substances as well as prescription medication that you do not have a valid prescription for. Stay clean and sober to avoid failed tests. If you struggle with addiction, be proactive and seek treatment.

Traveling outside the allowed areas

Probation often restricts travel to certain geographical areas. Leaving town or the state without permission is a serious violation. Notify your probation officer in advance if you need to travel for any reason. Always check the rules before going anywhere outside your approved area. GPS monitoring makes it easy to detect unauthorized travel.

Avoiding common mistakes such as these can help you successfully complete probation. Remember to follow all the rules and communicate with your probation officer.